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Be advised that there is a lot of mandatory fields, so please, read cerefully this instructions in order to provide all needed documentation before the application process. After finalising the profile eiditing, your application will be reviewed.

You will need to supply the following information:


  • Contact information
  • Type of applicant
  • Mission of the project
  • Number of concerts, recordings, compositions, and musical projects of the last five years



  • Indicate the amount requested, and purpose of the request.
  • If project support is requested, please provide a description of the project, a breakdown of the project costs, and sources of income.
  • Biography of individual performers and composers, or history of the organisation and information on the principal artistic personnel and/or ensemble members.
  • Description of the audiences that are served, including size, age groups, and geographic regions.


Musical Materials

  • 2 audio/video recordings of professional standard (published or unpublished) for performing applicants, or a portfolio of 3 up to 5 most significant compositions (in recorded form with corresponding music scores)
  • All musical samples must be recorded within the five performance seasons immediately prior to the application date.
  • For performers: please submit one recording of live performances and not edited studio sessions unless no live recordings are available.
  • For each recording submitted, please provide the title of the work, names of the composer and performer(s), and date of the performance.


Supporting Materials

All supporting documents should be letter size PDFs in portrait orientation.

  • A list of all performances and repertoire in the year for which support is being requested, the current year, and the previous four years. This should amount to five consecutive years of information.
  • A list with award amounts of foundation, corporate, and government support for the current year and the previous four year. This should amount to five consecutive years of support information. (Projections are acceptable for the support year and, to the extent necessary, the current year.)
  • Budget for the project and financial statements for the current year (projections are acceptable) and the preceding year. Download recommended Excel budget template.


The Funding Year will be your performance season, which in many cases will coincide with your fiscal year. If your performance season and fiscal year do not coincide, please indicate this in the application.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications for each funding session is at 5pm (GMT) the first Friday of July and at 5pm (GMT) the first Friday of January.

Applicants will be notified of funding decisions in or about October and April of that year. Please do not contact the Fund for information on funding decisions.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for complying with all legal and contractual requirements that may apply to the creation of your materials.

Application Fees

The application processing fees are as follow:

  • £45 for categories D and E
  • £75 for categories A and B
  • £100 for categories C, F, G, H, and I

Payments should be received before the application and no processing will be made before payment confirmation


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